Legalization and periodic TESTS

Legalization and periodic TESTS

Pressure Equipment Regulation

We offer you the following services:

  • Legalisation of fluid installations: steam, heating fluid, compressed air, etc.
  • Industrial registers
  • Pressure equipment
  • Level A periodic tests
  • Level B periodic tests
  • Level C periodic tests
  • Steam generator legalisation
  • Compressed air tank legislation
  • Thermal fluid generator legislation
  • Autoclave legislation
  • Tank legislation
  • Single boiler – gas burner model.
  • Environmental licenses
  • Electrical installations
  • Thermal installations
  • Refrigeration installations
  • Gas installations
  • Fuel installations
  • Chemical product plants
  • Apparatuses of all types and manufacturer as well as installations.
  • Projects, installations and certification.
  • Processes conducted through OCA.
  • Turnkey service and personalised advice.
  • Personal collection and delivery of documentation .

We at Klimatechnik install EIP-II pressure equipment.

Legalization and periodic TESTS

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Next Generation Plan de recuperación