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El Templo del Biker

2009, year of foundation of the Templo del Biker

The Templo del Biker is a club that was founded in 2009 by three friends who shared the same hobby, biking.

Formation of the TDB Klimatechnik Team

The inclusion of new members from other clubs in the Templo del Biker brought about the initiative to form a team with the capacity to compete on a regional level.

This led to the formation of the TDB Klimatechnik Team.


At the end of 2012, following the new additions to the team, the members of the current group suggested forming a more complete competition team .

This led to the Klimatechnik-Caadbikes -TDP team.

The 10 members of the current team

The team is currently divided into several categories:
1 Elite: Carlos Quintas
4 master 30: Miguel Checa, Sergio Rodriguez, Jose González, Carlos Pi
5 master 40 : Pedro Alarcón, Jordi Mayor, Sergio Pi, Alex Trilles, Julio Monje.