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Compressed air

Tank-mounted piston compressor

CLASSIC Series from 2 to 10 hp.

  • Cast iron CYLINDER with superior hardness that prolongs its life and its performance. 
  • Generously-dimensioned BLADES for optimum refrigeration.
  • Dual-support cast iron CRANKSHAFT for greater stability and dynamically balanced. 
  • Stainless steel sheet VALVE PLATE with increased resistance to temperatures and corrosion, which provide a greater flow. 
  • Single-piece embossed connecting RODS, mounted on needle bearings to ensure lower friction, optimum performance and less vibration. 
  • Aluminium injected SUMP for better heat evacuation. 
  • Oversized PULLEY for optimal refrigeration of the head.
  • ELECTRIC MOTOR for low power consumption, high efficiency IE2 and service S1
  • Thermal PRESSURE SWITCH (three phase models only).

Breathable air compressors

Designed for mining, firefighting or scuba diving, among other uses.


Soundproofed piston compressor

Brisa and Brisa Plus series

Brisa and Brisa Plus 2 series - 5.5 hp.

  • CLASSIC series head.
  • Oversized PULLEY for optimal refrigeration of the head.
  • Electric ENGINE for low power consumption and high performance.
  • S1 service (three phase models only).
  • 100- L capacity Inner TANK (from 50 litres up to 3 HP).
  • Cost-effective maintenance.
  • PLUG & PLAY, simple installation, connect and operate.
  • Special ANTI VIBRATION rubber cleats.

Also in the BRISA PLUS series:

  • Thermal evacuation ELECTRIC FAN.
  • Analogue HOUR METER.
  • Rotation RELAY.
  • Condensate PURGERS.
  • After COOLER.
  • Maintenance LED (4 and 5.5 HP models).
  • Low oil indicator ( 4 and 5.5 HP models).

Screw compressor - MISTRAL series 7.5 - 50 Hp

  • Mass-production compressor, compact and robust.
  • Quick and easy access. Cost-effective maintenance.
  • IE2 low power consumption and high performance electrical engine S1 Service.
  • Soft Starter (Optional).
  • Speed variator (Optional).
  • Control electronic plate.
  • Start and stop button push button.
  • Programming buttons.
  • Operation light-up Indicator.
  • Maintenance interval indicator. 
  • Temperature Indicator.

Variable speed screw compressor

GRAFENO series VV 75-250 Hp

  • Oversized state of the art Rotor (designed in USA).
  • Direct drive system, without gears or belts.
  • Low power consumption and high efficiency electric engine.
  • OPTIMA+ soundproofing.
  • Electronically controlled air/oil separator continuous system .
  • Silent and effective filtration and refrigeration system.
  • Easy access and cost-effective maintenance.
  • INVERTER (optional).

Storage tanks

All our tanks are equipped with pressure gauge,
safety valve and drain cock included in the price.
Manufactured according to EU directives 2009/105/EC and 97/23
We recommend purging the tank on a weekly basis or
the installation of an electronic purger to ensure the
absence of water in its interior.

Please remember the requirement to perform periodic pressure tests.

Further information

Refrigeration dryers

EDELWEISS series refrigeration dryers represent the
optimal solution for anyone that requires the elimination of moisture
in a pneumatic system, regardless of the air requirements.
They have been designed for maximum reliability and performance,
as well as providing a good level of accessibility
for ease of inspection and maintenance.


These dryers should be installed with
 compressors with
a built-in end refrigerator (BRISA PLUS,


These dryers should be installed with
 compressors without
a built-in end refrigerator (CIERZO,

Compressed air filtration

There are certain industrial processes that in addition to requiring
oil-free air, also require the elimination of
oil vapours and odours. This involves the activated carbon filter attracting
all the odours and fumes that remain
through the absorption process, following the
oil removal process, keeping them in the activated carbon grain molecule. Because of this, the filters from the FES and FEX models
must be positioned prior to the FEZ filters. The filter is
composed of a thick layer of activated carbon
covered with a fibre sheath, which maintains its position
thanks to an interior and exterior stainless steel mesh.

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