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air conditioning commercial

Wellness in the environment

From the study of thermal requirements to achieve the project. We offer customized solutions HVAC spaces based on usage and maximum environmental comfort.

Individual solutions to centralized systems.

Type equipment cooling only or heat pump.

We work for various sectors such as:


    • Big surfaces
    • Shops in general: Shops, restaurants
    • Interior studies.
    • Offices in general, including the building. 
    • Hotels, sports centers, spa ...
    • Cinemas, theaters, ...


The tranquility of klimatechnik

  • The willingness and dedication to the profession of the different specialists makes us feel proud of the team we've managed to form over the years.
  • We are confident of offering a proposal with the maximum guarantees of operation during the product life cycle.
  • We accompany you from start to finish in the development and execution of installation or project.
  • We maximize resources offered by the market for minimizing costs over the life of the installation.
  • Committed to continuous training, both technical, regulatory and prevention of occupational hazards and company.
  • After-sales maintenance and highly personalized service.

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C/Arcadi Viñas, nº 17, local 4

08100 Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona)

Telefon: 93 570 88 38 

Fax: 93 570 53 24     

Device binding in local and larger areas to 1000 m2.

RITE certificate to display - Royal Decree RD1826 / 2009

LEDs display certificate for the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings RITE.

Technology 9 segments with a very elegant design and visibility over long distances.

  • LED color amber or white
  • Programmable brightness control to suit all types of spaces with light.
  • Aluminum case painted with anti-scratch baked epoxy, methacrylate antifreflectante front.
  • No installation is plug and hangs like a picture, probe with 3m. Cable and calibrated sensors in origin.