• Industrial refrigeration and air conditioning

  • Repair and maintenance service

  • Compressed air equipment and installations

  • Legalisation of pressure vessels

  • Steam boilers, thermal oil and superheated water installations

  • We offer you the best solutions for industrial refrigeration and air conditioning

  • SGS ISO-14001
  • SGS ISO-9001

Providing our services for more than 25 years

Klimatechnik is a company specialising in air conditioning and industrial refrigeration installations.

We started out with the maintenance and repair of air conditioning equipment .

Our successes and failures have allowed us to learn, serving as our foundation to allow us to decide which type of design and installation is best for our customers.

We perform assembly, installations and repairs of:

  • Industrial, commercial and domestic air conditioning units.
  • Industrial refrigeration units

We have expanded services in the following fields since our inception:

  • Thermal installations:
    • Steam
    • Hot and overheated water.
    • Thermal oil

Klimatechnik stands out for its reliable and personalised service where communication is the basis of work with our customers.

Since our inception, we have expanded our business in the following types of installation: 

  • Compressed air equipment and installations.
  • Maintenance and repairs.
  • Legalisation and periodic tests EIP-II.

Contact telephone 93 570 88 38

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